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Peat Bogs

It might not look like there's much going in on our sprawling peat bogs, but don't be fooled! Amazing things are going on above and below the soggy surface...

Watch the video to learn about life (and death) in our PRECIOUS PEAT BOGS!

Click on the links below to hear our peat bog music and take part in fun musical activities!

Sticky Sundews

Go on a musical journey to discover this incredible fly-eating plant....but watch you don't get stuck!

Sundew (c) Laurie Campbell
harestailcottongrass4882  L.Campbell.jpg

Bog Cotton Art

Make soil paints and create your own art inspired by our muddy music!

Move to the Heather Bell Groove

Get your feet tapping and your hands clapping in this body percussion work-out to our Heather Bell reel!

Creative Challenge! One Plant One Piece of Paper
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