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Image by Marc Pell


If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!

OK you might not find any picnicking teddy bears, but our woodlands are home to an incredible variety of trees, plants, birds, insects and animals,

so there's lots to discover.


Watch the video to learn about life in our FABULOUS FORESTS!

Click on the links below to hear our forest music and take part in fun musical activities!

Forest walk 

Come for a stroll through the forest (without leaving your front door!)
Get ready to
move, twirl and hop in this musical game.

cladonia bellidiflora 3091  L.Campbell.jpg

Lichen Line Art

Learn all about lichen and create patterns inspired by the looping lines of our lichen music!

Jaggy Juniper

Listen to a rollicking reel about this prickly plant, then explore natural textures to create your own funny forest faces!

juniper (c) Laurie Campell
Creative Challenge! One Plant, One Piece of Paper
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