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One plant, one piece of paper

Fife Contemporary, Lines from Scotland, H Tuulikki, photo Rob Page

In 1755 James Oswald wrote 96 tunes about plants and printed each on one side of paper. 


In 2014 we asked 8 composers to do the same: some scores were bold and others beautiful.


Now we are inviting YOU to get creative in our One plant, one piece of paper challenge!


Choose a plant then paint, sketch, etch, sculpt, draw, carve, mould or take a snap of it.

You might want to write a poem or piece of music about it. Really anything goes.

But remember....


When you finish your work take a close up picture of it (in landscape format) and share it with us following the instructions below. Our plan is to create a gallery of images alongside our music. 

We can't wait to see what you make and EVERYONE is invited to contribute. Yes, that means YOU! 

But first here are the rules...

No pictures of you, just the art. 

Content must be emailed by adults (submissions from children will not be accepted).

ADULTS please note - within the body of the email please state your name, relationship to child (if applicable) and confirm that you grant permission for us to use the image you are sending. 

Your image -

Must not include any copyright material (e.g. stock stills or footage).

No names of children 

No advertising or product placement.

No nudity.

No swearing.

Send us your image!
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