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Our resources are aimed at primary-age children ( 5-12) but can easily be used in other settings by anyone interested in our project themes. Join us as we examine, explore and enjoy the natural world through music.... and take part in our fun

multi-art form activities!



It's time to face the music and stamp down on climate change!

Learn what carbon is, and meet the superheroes of the plant world who are working hard to keep it safely locked away. Listen, move and create on a musical adventure through forests, meadows and peat bogs.

Scarista wave (c) Beka Globe

source to sea

8 creative activities in response to our music from artists working across a range of disciplines: Dance/Movement, Poetry, Visual Art, Craft, Photography and Music.

Riding the wave into 2022 

Scarista wave (c) Beka Globe

Scarista Wave (c) Beka Globe