We passionately believe live music has the power to enrich and connect people . Goethe described chamber music as “rational people conversing" and we want to bring the audience into the conversation with intimate performances that travel beyond notes on the page. 

For us connecting with the environment begins at home, and we are committed to championing Scotland's music and nature through our collaborative projects. 

We aim to use our role as communicators to promote social-environmental sustainability and create a positive environmental butterfly effect.


Water is one of Scotland's most iconic and precious resources. This immersive performance follows a raindrop from

SOURCE TO SEA, blending photography and video with music by Bach and contemporary classical and folk composers.


An exploration of Scotland's plant life, inspired by Scottish Baroque composer

James Oswald's

botanical compendium

'Airs for the Seasons'.



David Fennessy

Martin Kershaw

Stuart MacRae

Eddie McGuire

James Oswald

Chris Stout

Hanna Tuulikki

David Ward

Judith Weir


Laurie Campbell

NOCTURNAL creatures generally have a highly developed sense of hearing and sight. This performance of night music invites the audience to explore how their senses respond to light and sound after dark. 

Lighting: Kai Fischer

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