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Current Projects

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Water is an iconic feature in Scotland, and this project celebrates how precious it is, and also its power as a creative force. The album, alongside education materials and music videos, is the culmination of an 18-month project weaving together contemporary classical music, folk tunes, field recordings and works by J.S Bach & Sibelius to explore and distill our relationship with water.



Created in collaboration with composer Fergus Hall, Isola [pronounced ee-so-la] shines a spotlight on contemporary Scottish classical music and also draws on the talent of a number of celebrated Scottish writers, with narration and poetry by Alexander McCall Smith and Hamish Henderson.

The album features two large works for violin & cello by Fergus Hall alongside music by other distinctive new voices in the contemporary classical scene: Aileen Sweeney, Rylan Gleave and Sonia Killmann.


Past Projects

sounding Scotland's wild plants in music

An exploration of Scotland's plant life featuring eight commissioned works for violin and cello duo, inspired by Scottish Baroque

composer James Oswald's botanical

compendium Airs for the Seasons.

You can read blog posts written by each composer describing their creative process.

We have recently created a studio recording of the music from this programme and also a learning resource for primary aged children called TRANSPLANTED Carbon.



Laurie Campbell


exploring light and sound after dark

NOCTURNAL creatures generally have a highly developed sense of hearing and sight. This performance of night music invites the audience to explore how their senses respond to light and sound after dark. 

Lighting: Kai Fischer

a collection of botanical miniatures filmed outdoors in 2020  

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