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Hello and welcome to TRANSPLANTED Carbon

We are Alice and Sonia and we are musicians.

Here we are with the instruments we love playing: the violin and cello.


As well as music, we both love nature.

Right now our climate is changing, and we need to take action before things heat up even more. I'm sure you already knew that....but did you know the amazing plants, trees and soil around us can help in the fight against climate change?

Watch the video below to find out more, then click on the links to explore different habitats and take part in our FUN MUSICAL ACTIVITIES!

Alice and Sonia 


Discover what carbon is and why it's building up in our atmosphere...and learn how plants, trees and soil provide some natural solutions in the fight against climate change.


Listen to the sounds of a meadow, travel the seas to a distant island and move like a mushroom! Click to explore the activities on our meadows page  

Field Scabious (c) Laurie Campbell
Hawthorn (c) Laurie Campbell


Take a walk under the forest canopy, get jaggy with a juniper and make loopy lichen line art. Click to explore the activities on our forests page

Peat bogs

Put on your wellies for a plod through a peat bog: eat dinner with a sundew, make mud art and move your body to a Scottish reel! Click to explore the activities on our peat bog page

harestailcottongrass4882  L.Campbell.jpg
Audio Engineer: Pete Harvey
Pumpkinfield logo.jpg
Photography: Laurie Campbell
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