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Field Scabious (c) Laurie Campbell


From flowers to fungi, wildlife to worms, bees to bacteria and mushrooms to microbes...

Watch the video to learn about life in our MARVELLOUS MEADOWS!

Click on the links below to hear our meadow music

and take part in fun musical activities!


Relax, close your eyes and listen to our meadow music with this guided audio... 

Clover guided audioMusic - Eddie McGuire / Narration - Sonia Cromarty
00:00 / 07:00

Discover Dandelions

Watch this film to learn fun facts about this well-known flower....and sail to St Kilda to meet a composer and a very special dandelion.
listen to the track below to hear the music. 

Move like a Mushroom

Experience the life cycle of a mushroom through this quirky yoga sequence.

Creative Challenge!
One Plant, One Piece of Paper
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