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Are you ready to join our musical journey, following a

raindrop as it falls from the clouds, floats along rivers

and drifts out to sea?  

Watch the films below to hear our music,

learn fun watery facts and get creative with 

some friends we'll meet along the way! 

We all have a part to play protecting and preserving water,

so let’s dive in and…


Alice & Sonia 

Sensory Writing
Source to Sea litter
Creative Beach Clean
Humpback Whale Song
Where does rain come from and where does it go?

Watch the film to learn answers to these questions and more, as we go on a musical journey round the
water cycle. 

Then try out our fun experiment to make your own mini water cycle in a bag!

Click the triangle to listen to our relaxing evaporation music while you try this experiment. 

The Water Cycle
with Sequoia    

The Water Cycle
Go on a rainy walk in your imagination and discover how music
and our senses
can awaken your
Watch this film to
find out more and
to get inspiration
for your writing.     

Click on the worksheet and audio track below to create your own watery wordscape! 

You can read some of Nalini's poetry here

Sensory Writing
with Nalini Paul     

Did you know that 80% of the litter we find in the sea comes from land?

Watch this music video to follow a
drop of water on its journey along the River Clyde.

Then click on the links to 
think about ways we can help to tackle the problem of
source to sea litter.


Click the bin to find out about #2minutelitterpick

Source to Sea litter 
with Sequoia    

Clean your local beach... and turn washed-up sea plastic into works of art!

Watch this film to meet the inspirational artist Hannah Tofts and discover how to transform beach trash into masterpieces!

Click below to see more of Hannah's creations in

her fun films with music by J.S. Bach

Creative Beach Clean 
with Hannah Tofts    

Water Dance

Learn how to make your own dance sequence inspired by water in the world around us.


Join star choreographer Aya Kobayashi and her team of explorers as they move their bodies to mirror running water, bubbles, waves and sea creatures. 

Water Dance
with Aya Kobayashi

Aya and the water explorers are dancing to a piece of music called the ebb by Scottish composer Stuart MacRae.
Click to hear the whole track, and dance along with your own moves!

Watch this film to learn fun facts about these incredible mammals who SING to communicate... then find out how to make your own ocean instrument using household junk.


You can even play along with our whale choir!



Humpback Whale Song
with Dr. Alex South     

Alex wrote a piece of music for violin, cello and

electronics inspired by Humpback Whale song.

Click to listen and play along on

your ocean instrument.

Underwater Adventure

Our seas are amazing

places and home to incredible creatures and underwater plants.


This music video

celebrates Scotland’s beautiful seas and



Watch, then click on

the worksheets 

to take part in our


Underwater Adventure

with Sequoia

Thanks for Making a Splash!



We'd love you to listen to our album


source to sea.

Image by Joel Filipe


We welcome your feedback.

What did you enjoy? What could we do better?

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MAKE A SPLASH! was produced by Monika Smekot & Sequoia (Alice Rickards and Sonia Cromarty) 
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