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Lochbroom - Mairearad Green

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

I was so delighted when Sonia and Alice from Sequoia asked me to write a piece for Water Music source to sea. ‘A sonic imagining of the journey taken by a raindrop as it travels along Scotland’s water ways.’

Nature and my surrounding environment provide an endless supply of inspiration for me, and have always been an instrumental part of my work. With this in mind, I instantly connected to Alice and Sonia’s music and approach. I knew this was a challenge that was suited to me and I would really enjoy the process. And, with no surprise, I did!

I was asked to write a piece to be included in the Rivers and Lochs section and to be part of a set with music from Lisa Robertson and Chris Stout, and also, Bach’s Invention no. 4. With this context and company in mind, I had quite a specific idea for the pace, feel and key of the music before I sat down to write it. Thinking about the theme and looking out the window from my house seemed like a natural place to go next!

I live in the picturesque fishing village of Ullapool, nestled on the shores of Lochbroom and the view looking down the loch is absolutely breath taking. The sky, the sea, the hills and the light are ever changing, and there is certainly no shortage of water! You can often quite literally see the journey of the raindrop from source to sea. As a visual artist as well as a musician, I am sure that Lochbroom as performed so wonderfully by Sequoia will paint this journey so well.

Mairearad is a musician and landscape painter based in the Highland village of Ullapool.

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