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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Welcome to High Heels and Horse Hair’s first ever Blog post!

Over the next few months we will be at the helm of a new music project entitled TRANSPLANTED- a celebration of the rich diversity of Scotland’s plant life and its music.

In 1755 Scottish Baroque composer James Oswald published ‘Airs for the Seasons’, a remarkable compendium of 96 duos for violin and cello, each depicting a different plant or flower and written on a single side of paper. Inspired by these, and using the same criteria, 8 of Scotland’s leading composers are currently in the process of writing new miniatures exploring native plants and their many uses in society over the centuries. Through the TRANSPLANTED blog they will be sharing with you insights into their composition process and ideas.

We will also be introducing the stars of the show- the wild plants of Scotland and the people that help them to flourish.

So whether you are a music lover, plant enthusiast, conservationist, gardener, traveller, rambler, or simply living in and loving Scotland, we hope you will enjoy our posts to come!

Supported by Creative Scotland’s Quality Production Programme with the aim to encourage a fresh approach to commissioning new chamber music for the benefit of wide audiences.

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