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Sequoia is an award-winning string duo, dedicated to exploring the natural world through music. 
Intimate performances showcase Scotland's music and its environment,
inspiring, informing and inviting connection.

Upcoming performances


A debut live performance of Stuart MacRae’s acclaimed new Delphian Records album ‘Earth, thy cold is keen’, featuring mezzo soprano Lotte Betts-Dean and string duo Sequoia.

Weaving together Scottish folk, medieval and modern influences with texts from the middle ages to the present day, Stuart MacRae’s recent album Earth, thy cold is keen released on Delphian Records, has been universally praised by critics and audiences for its beguiling, intimate exploration of themes of life, death and nature. Featuring mesmerising singing from Australian mezzo-soprano Lotte Betts-Dean, striking and delicate playing from Scottish string duo Sequoia, and harmonium from the composer, in this concert music from the album will be heard live for the very first time, interspersed with Scottish folk music from Sequoia.

‘The album conjures an aural landscape steeped in folk music and medieval lyric, but the result is entirely distinctive and modern… This is music for slow, close listening, beautifully performed’ The Guardian


University Chapel, Glasgow
30th May 7.30pm

In the 6th Century St Mungo founded a church on the banks of the flourishing Molendinar Burn, leading to the birth of Glasgow as a human settlement. From its early use in religious rites to providing fresh water and powering mills, the Molendinar was the life blood of Glasgow as it burgeoned into the city we know today. But this expansion came at a cost, forcing the burn underground into little more than a trickling culvert, where layer upon layer of development hides its past from today’s city-dwellers.


Combining new and old music, words and images, To the vanished Molendinar considers the historic and symbolic significance of this forgotten waterway and looks to its future. The performance is curated by award-winning string duo Sequoia, and includes the world premiere of Aileen Sweeney’s 2024 McEwan commission. 

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