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Image by Neil and Zulma Scott


River Tay Workshops


Humpback Whale Song

Watch this video to find out how Humpback Whales make their song, then learn how to create your own ocean instruments from bits of rubbish. If you get the chance to make an instrument please bring it along to play in the workshop!

Clōta's Song

This music video follows a drop of water on its journey along the River Clyde. Watch the film, then discuss it in class using the points below to help:

1. How do we use water in our daily lives? 

2. What items of rubbish did you see in the film? Why do you think they are bad for the river?

3. What is meant by the term 'single use plastic'? Are there reusable alternatives that are better for the environment?

(eg. refillable water bottle)

4. The piece of music is called Clōta's Song. In Celtic mythology Clōta was goddess of the River Clyde, taking care of the river and keeping it clean.  What do you think she would say if she watched this video? 

5. Read aloud this message from the end of the film:

80% of marine litter comes from land.

Washed into gutters, blown into streams, lost down drains: litter is carelessly discarded.

So to tackle marine litter, we have to stop litter’s journey from source to sea.

We all have a part to play in keeping our waterways clean and protecting our seas.

Upstream Battle is a charity that works to reduce litter along the Rivers Clyde and Tay. 

Discuss their message and what we can do to help them. 

Please bring to the workshop

  • TEACHERS: Please ensure you bring paper and pens to use in the workshop

  • Each child should bring one clean (and safe) item of 'rubbish' e.g single use plastic, crisp packet, bubble wrap or other packaging material, drinks can etc.

  • Optional: Your ocean instrument as described in the Humpback Whale Song film above

 Looking forward to meeting your class!

Plastic Bottle at Beach
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